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Roofing Santa Monica CA

Roofing Repair serviceFor over 50 years, Roofing Santa Monica, CA. has done for our customers in Santa Monica , CA and its surrounding areas.  Our team works hard daily to provide a customer satisfaction guarantee.  Our local expirience technicians specializes in roofing installation and roofing repair.  They can install and repair the same day your roof needs ,we can handle any job and much more.  Our roofing company in Santa Monica CA is proud to see that we have over 70% of clientele base has heard of us by word of mouth.  We aspire to increase that percentage of friends and family referrals in order to uphold our reputation of honesty and integrity.  We also appreciate the loyalty of our customers and want to maintain our good client relations by providing premium service with the lowest prices in the entire of Santa Monica.  We make sure our range prices are affordable and lower than other roofing company competitors.  Our services include free estimates for brand new roofing!  Don’t waste researching other roofing companies on google when you know you can just call us right now and we send a technician right to your door to give an estimate for absolutely no cost!  Other companies triple the cost of their services excluding the price of the equipment!  Don’t put your trust into the wrong hands, call a company that has been around for a long time and has helped someone you know.  There is a high possibility that someone you know has called us before and has positive feedback about our staff and roof repairs.  We not only provide free estimates for new roofs, we also have a 24/7 emergency response service which is convenient to those of you who are experiencing unexpected difficulties.  whether you need help witha new roof installation or repaircommerciall and residential and take pride in the diversity of our client data base. We have served residential homeowners, big business owners, managers of multi-unit owners, rental property managers and many other clients roofing santa monica.  Due to the fact that your feedback holds a great weight of importance to us, besides installation in roofing santa monica ca we can also provide roofing repairsfor any make

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  • roofing Santa Monica:  which have 2 layre unite with any .  installation new roof installed 10 year Warranty.

Hours of Operation:

  • Santa Monica roofing: which vary in construction layers and R value:
    •  One with: 2 constructional layers and polystyrene insulation with an R value of 7 and a 10 year Warranty.
    • Clear with an R value of ten which is stronger and composed of 3 constructional polyurethane steel layers.  This type of insulated has a  Lifetime Warranty
    • Lastly, we have the roofing with the highest r value of 14.8 and has 1 inch thick 3 constructional layers of polyurethane and a Lifetime Warranty.  This roof is highly durable.

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The difference between roof replacment and repair is the strength and durability of the roof.  new insulated roof install are reliable and still good but they are recommended for residential environment.  roof are recommended for busy environments such as commercial with that like to walk or play football.  Basically, they are for people who have a lot of activity on their roof and use their roof daily.  The insulation provides added durability.
It does & change ; matter what kind of roof you have, if it needs to be repaired we can do it!
We not only repair all types of roofing but we install roofing like:
Residential roofing: wood, vinyl, glass, steel
Commercial roofing: traffic roofing, engle roofing, fire protected , loading dock roof and much much more!

We also install/repair roofing parts like: roofing playwood , roofing shingles, repairs, residential, commercial, . THE SAME DAY , FREE ESTIMATES (424)367-3777 ,!

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